Friday, April 3, 2009

Vo2 Max test

Just for giggles Rhonda and I signed up for a VO2 max test up at the U. It went pretty much as expected. My absolute VO2 max is 3.9 l/min which is a rockin pro racer type of number. Of course the VO2 max number relative to my body weight (which is actually the number that means something) is a whopping 49.5 ml/kg/min adjusted for elevation. That number is in the 85th percentile for the average couch potato american but it's pathetic compared to competitive cyclists. Elite cyclists average 60+ ml/kg/min and trained amature cyclists are in the 50-60 range. My Ventilatory Threshold is at 74% of my VO2 max.

Rhonda's numbers were better. Her relative VO2 max was 43.4. She's above the 90th percentile for the average female. Elite female cyclists are usually 55+ and trained cyclists are 40-55. Rhonda is relatively untrained and could potentially raise that number by 10-15%. Her Ventilatory Threshold is at 65% of VO2 max and with training she could get that number up to 80%+.


StupidBike said...

nice hat.

I won't do the test, i don't wanna know

Team Rico said...

do it Bob, before your old

JZ said...

I agree with Bob, I don't want to know.

KanyonKris said...

Oh, man - if you're only average I'm mostly likely below average.

On one hand it gives me a scientific/genetic/physiological excuse for poor performance. But on the other hand it means I'll always be slow.

But since I haven't been tested I don't know for sure - and maybe it's best kept that way.