Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Enjoyed it while I could

I'm not sure what's going on in this picture and I was afraid to ask.

We had two days of nice weather before another onset of four days of crap and we made the best of it. Easter Sunday we linked up with Drucy, Wedge and his buddy Christopher for a Suncrest assault. We had a nice warmup from our house down to Draper. The boys got a head start up the hill while I waited at the Chevron for Rhonda to catch up. She was felling good so I left her and bridged up to Lucy. Caught a short draft from Lucy and then put on a bit of speed to catch back on to the menfolk before the start of the steep stuff. Wedge pulled away from us on the first part of the climb but Drew and I caught back on at the first false flat. Wedge pulled away again on the big right hand curve climb. Once past the Suncrest sign at the bottom of the last steep section I popped it into the big ring and poured on the speed to at least try to give Wedge a workout. I passed him but his mad watts quickly answered my pathetic attempt to test him and he smoked me up the last hill. I almost died on the decent. My bike got this weird shimmy in the crosswind and it got worse as I tried to slow down. I finally got the bike stopped and checked my wheel skewers. Everything was tight and the bike was fine the rest of the way but it was a scary moment. Saw soon to be expert racer Ken at the bottom. He had been off skiing with his dad in the am and popped out for a quick ride. He's pushing back the inevitable for another race but the shame will begin if he wins at 5-mile and becomes the teams first ever official sandbagger.

Last night Rhonda and I busted the MTB's out of the hibernation they had been in since early March and hit the BST. Our house to dry creek and back at a nice easy pace for two hours and 20 miles. It was sooooo nice to be back on dirt. I'm really tired of cold windy road rides.


JZ said...

I road the Pipeline last night from Birch Hollow down to Rattlesnake and it was mostly clear. I walked the snowy/muddy sections, but there really was very little deep mud. Some tracks from riders, but nothing deep. I actually wish more bikers had ridden the bumpy section from Church Fork down a mile or so so it could get smoothed out from the trail "improvement" last year. Still bumpy and horrible. Tons of rocks on the trail.

Of course it may be covered in snow tomorrow.

KanyonKris said...

Amen brother! This crap weather is getting on my nerves. We got out for a few rides too.