Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kitchen done.

Early in the project (there used to be a door into the garage to the right of the fridge opening)
Finished result

I took advantage of tired legs and the threat of rain to put the finishing touches on our kitchen extension project today. We're very happy with the results. It made the kitchen feel quite a bit bigger and most importantly both of us can now be in the kitchen without getting in each others way.


Blackdog said...

looks great. I wish I had my projects done. I am still trying to get motivated to finish my basement. Maybe a bit more rain and I will get all the tile done.

KanyonKris said...

Nice work! Looks like you finally taught the nail gun who's boss.

Andy H. said...

Nope, the nail gun won. The brads kept deflecting off the curvature of the cabinents crown moulding. I ended up needing to pre drill and hand nail it. Every once in awhile high tech fails and you need to do things the old fashioned way.