Monday, December 22, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

I think that was the shortest weekend I've ever experienced. One minute I'm driving home in the blizzard Friday night and next thing I know I'm trying to drag my butt out of bed Monday morning.

Saturday we went to a free skate ski clinic put on by TUNA. I've never been on skate skis before and I was glad I did the clinic. It seemed like a real simple concept and I've skated a bit before on both alpine and classic xc skis but I still learned a lot about form and technique at the clinic that will help make my workouts more effective.

Saturday night we and almost everybody else in Northern Utah went to TC's holiday party. Damn that girl has a lot of friends and it was a packed house. At one point smoke started billowing in the kitchen while Once Bitten, Twice Shy played on the TV. I started throwing elbows looking for an exit but it was only Troy burning a pizza in the oven.

Sunday I did a bit of work on my mudroom project and also headed up Millcreek for some more skating. Millcreek isn't so good for skating. Too many snowshoers, hikers and off leash dogs chew up the trail and get in the way so between that and the steady climb it's hard to get a rhythm going.

Last night was Drew's 40th surprise birthday party at Fiddlers Elbow. Excellent company and beer make for a great party and 40 couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Here's to 40 more Drew!


KanyonKris said...

My weekend evaporated also, but mostly because I was home nursing a cold most of the time. So I think you had more fun than I did.

That skate clinic sounds good. I need to try skate in a more serious way. I rented skate skis at Soldier Hollow one day and liked it (man, that's a lot of work!), but doubt I have the technique down.

I've got classical XC gear and it sounds like it's time to head to Millcreek. Did they have the classical tracks groomed in?

Andy H. said...

Both Millcreek and Mountain Dell had classic set. The only problem with Millcreek is that the descent is sketchy on xc gear. Not as much fun as the rolling hills at Mountain Dell.

UtRider said...

I wouldn't trust myself descending MC during the day with all the traffic but at night when nobody's out it's actually a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

That is some funny stuff...I'm going to make Troy paint my walls now! Glad you two made it!