Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lonely Roads

Hit the tarmac for a post work ride yesterday and noticed something very interesting. Before Thanksgiving on this same ride at the same time of day I would see at least 20 other riders no matter the weather. Yesterday the only other people I saw were Bart and his dad (pretty sure it was him) riding together. It got me thinking that either everybody takes December off or maybe everybody else is smarter than me and is riding indoors. I'm leaning towards the latter since it was cold and the first 20 minutes of my ride were wasted warming up. Finally accepting the fact that winter is here is hard but I'm adapting. When I got home I set up my road bike in the basement for trainer use and put slicks on my cross bike. Being ready for either option should eliminate the set-up time for both road and trainer rides and will hopefully keep me motivated.


UtRider said...

It's never smart to ride indoors. I did 2.5 hours at Brighton this morning and it was better than any trainer ride.

UtRider said...

What's funny is that for the past 3-4 years I've done a lot of indoor riding. However, after 2 years of Bart and Forrest hassling me to go outside, and Kris encouraging me to try xc skiing last winter, I've finally seen the light. Now I'm excited for snow (where before I hated it) and welcome the break from riding.

Andy H. said...

Oh don't worry. I've got my AT skis, my new skate skis, my snowshoes and my resort skis all ready to go....if it ever snows. In the mean time it's cold outdoor rides and trainer time for me. Can't say I'm excited for snow though (especially the inversion that comes with it) and with $1.55 gas I'll be taking many trips to St George.