Friday, December 5, 2008

Excellent trainer movie

Watched The Fast and The Furious while riding nowhere last night. It was an excellent trainer movie. Lots of fast paced on the road action and not a lot of dialogue you need to follow. I also learned an important lesson from the movie. "It's not how you stand by your bike, it's how you race your bike". Thank you Ja Rule.

Leaving tomorrow for a week of sun and sand in Florida. It's not Hawaii but it's cheap.


JZ said...

But not a good rollers movie (at least for me). I have a hard time watching movies with chase scenes or long driving scenes because I find myself leaning into the turns and falling off my rollers. I have tried to watch some rally races while on my rollers, which didn't work out so well.

Have fun in Florida.

KanyonKris said...

My friend loved that movie and recommended it to me. I didn't love it. The action was good, the cars cool, but the dialog was ho-hum and the story kind of hokey. But I can see your point that it would be a good trainer movie.

Team Rico said...


StupidBike said...

next year you are going to Kauai with us.