Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wind Cave and Dirty Bikes

The day after Moosecross we hiked to the Wind Cave northwest of Victor. It was a pretty cool hike and the fall colors were spectacular but the 1800 feet of climbing over 2.6 miles worked over my non hiking legs.

Last night I embarked upon a long overdue project. Bike Cleaning. It took me over two hours and I couldn't decide what was worse. The fact that we own eight bikes or the fact that I'm so lazy that they were all long overdue for a cleaning.


StupidBike said...

did you go in the cave? 3 years ago Blake, Chad, Warren and I did, until the pit that you need a rope to go over, about 45 minutes in. Freaky

Andy H. said...

Nah, we got a late start and wanted to get home so we turned around near the base. I also forgot to bring headlamps which made our decision easier.

Anonymous said...

8 bikes??? @#$^%^$*&^(*