Friday, September 5, 2008

First ride: Stans CX Tubeless

Hit the Pipeline trail last night on my recently converted to Stans Tubeless cx wheels. After mounting I felt the setup was pretty solid since the bead on my Kenda Kwick Cross tires were a byatch to pry over the rim. I can't see that tire rolling off for anything. The ride proved to me the instant value of tubeless for cross. I was very careful on the DH to avoid any large rocks but even with running 45 lbs in my tires I still pinched the rear tire into the rim multiple times. This obviously would have led to an instantly pinch flatted tube had I not been tubeless. Add in the protection from the Wheeler goatheads and I feel like this setup is the way to go.

Only a week to go till Ali's Ridley CX camp and then the season kicks off the week after that with MooseCross. It's strange. I think I'm more excited for cross than I was for MTB racing this year even though I'll probably just spend the entire CX season getting shelled by the roadies.

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