Monday, September 15, 2008

Cross Camp

This one time at Cross Camp, Ali made me do funny things with my bike.

In all seriousness the Ridley Cross Clinic on Saturday was amazing. I've never gained more two wheeled knowledge in one day in my life. Ali and Kathy took control of me and the rest of the newbies from the start and lavished us with one on one attention. We went step by step through the mount and dismount until we had all perfected it and then moved on to cornering, braking and finally a simulated mass start. I caught on to the whole thing pretty quick and by the end of the day was able to hit the barriers at full speed. I signed up for Dr X's Thursday training sessions and will be able to hit most of those so I should have the technique down pat by the end of the season. Now if I could only get that top end fitness thing going.

Yes those are full size barriers, they just look like the kiddie ones.
I did say "hitting the barriers full speed"
Synchronized dismount


Anonymous said...

Do you mean, like, really hit the barriers??? Cause I think I may have a picture of that.

Andy H. said...

Oh yes, that picture was coming as soon as I got home to post it.

Anonymous said...

hee two did an awesome job!!! The first race will be a blast. Party at my house for the heber race..put the time aside. Chris Sprechter, full curl, 8016806323 for the roof.