Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The worst Mexican food ever.

Don't ever go to La Puente. Man that place sucked. The 20th east and 33rd south location is near our house and it always seems busy so we decided to give it a try. When you arrive you are lead to a table where your chips are already laid out. Ours were cold yet greasy, probably fried up earlier in the morning, no where near fresh. You are then given a squeeze bottle full of hot sauce they call salsa? Rhonda ordered a chicken Burrito. Beans and rice are $2.50 extra a piece so she got beans as well. Inside her chicken burrito......just chicken and a tiny bit of cheese, nothing else. No onions, veggies or sauce of any kind. Just shredded chicken wrapped in a slimy tortilla. I ordered a combo platter of a taco, a burrito and an enchilada. You don't get to choose what is in these things and again for the $9 cost it doesn't include beans and rice. Instead of chicken, beef or pork the taco and burrito are filled with an odd colored slime that has a few beans in it and a bit of mystery meat. Yum.

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