Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chatty Cathy

Is there anything more annoying at 8AM then the Chatty Cathy? You know the person. You're tired, your AM coffee has yet to kick in and the first person you run into at work is always the Chatty Cathy. They want to tell you what they had for dinner last night and what color their kids first crap was this morning. Really, do they actually think I care? Perhaps the worst Chatty Cathy's are customers or patients, depending on your line of work. My scheduler is an angel and she tries her hardest to not give me a patient at 8am but sometimes it's unavoidable. This 8 AM patient is almost always a Chatty Cathy. Chatty co-workers can be carefully avoided but you're stuck with chatty patients. What makes chatty patients even worse is that you have to be polite and respond to them no matter how ridiculous the things are they want to chat about. I think my favorite was the old lady who's son was Gordon B's body guard for 15 years. After an hour of her telling me how awesome her son was she proceeded to criticize at me for not helping her sit up the proper way. "My son was President Hinkley's body guard for 15 years and he showed me the proper way to help a person sit up. That wasn't it!"


Anonymous said...

plants never talk...I luv my job!

Andy H. said...

I bet a lot of ski clients do;-)