Monday, August 18, 2008

My TofU moment (AKA rollin' with the pros)

Saturday morning I decided to enjoy the amazingly cool temps by doing a longer ride on the CX bike from my house down to Corner Canyon. The idea of a Clarks TT while I was in the area even crossed my mind. It took about an hour or so to ride down to the equestrian center where I hopped on the trail. The lower trails were pretty loose and sandy and combination of narrow tires and tough gearing had me pretty well blown by the time I made it to Clark's. I blew off the idea of a TT and just continued the climb up Clark's. It hurt......bad. The lowest gear on my CX bike is a 39-27 so my skinny ass basically had to stand the whole way up just to keep the pedals turning. The bike handled real well and I never had any problems with traction even pushing the big (for me) gear. I got to the top, spun around a bit to catch my breath and headed back down Clark's. Not wanting to fight the sand back to the equestrian center I jumped off the trails at the cul-de-sac near the base of Clark's and got on the road. My bottles were empty so I took Highland towards the equestrian center for a refill. As I neared the 13th east intersection a couple of girls were there holding a "Slow" sign pointing down 13th. I figured they were working for the tour so I just ignored them. The started yelling "turn left, turn left". As I passed by I told them I wasn't in the race but thanks for the compliment. I refilled and started heading home on what happened to be the exact route of the tour. The road wasn't closed so I figured what the heck. There were a few spectators along 13th and they cheered as I rode by thinking to myself "hey this is kinda cool". I got passed by a solo Bissel guy and a few other racers riding solo. Made the turn onto Wasatch where I finally got passed by a larger group of 10 or so racers including Will Frishkorn. They were moving pretty slow for pros (later I learned they missed the time cut) so I briefly thought about catching on but decided that probably wouldn't be kosher. There were more crowds on the big hill by the park heading north on Wasatch and they all loudly cheered me on including one guy who realized I wasn't in the race and yelled out "Go Rev" ( I was wearing my team kit). I was hoping to see a crazy guy in a speedo with extra bottles to dump over my head but I guess I'll have to wait till I poach a Grand Tour for that.

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